Artificial Christmas Bonsai Tree - Undecorated - 15" Tall
Burlap root ball.|n|15" tall.|n|Artificial tree, 15" tallBurlap root ball
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Baby Jade Bonsai Tree - Medium(Portulacaria Afra)
This succulent bonsai, also known as the "Elephant Bush", is native to South Africa and has pale green leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant. The fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves are...
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Burning Bush(euonymous 'little moses')
Little Moses' is a true dwarf form of the common Euonymus which has bright red foliage in the fall that is hard to miss. The leaves of the 'little moses' are much smaller and the branching is even better than...
$200.00 $157.27
Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - Large Curved Trunk Style (Ulmus Parvifolia)
Has small evergreen leaves. Hardy with excellent branching characteristics. Tiered trained trunk gives the appearance of great age. Semi-deciduous.Product Info - Approximately 12 years old, 12-13" tall At this time we do not ship orders Internationally, to PO Boxes or...
Ficus Retusa Bonsai Tree - Medium(Ficus Retusa)
Also known as Banyan Fig. The Retusa has small dark green leaves which alternate up the stem and which are more oval than the Benjamina. Grey to reddish bark dotted with small horizontal flecks, similar to tiger-like markings. All have...
Flowering & Fruiting Dwarf Pomegranate - Small(Punica Granatum
Sub-tropical tree native to Asia grown for its brilliant orange-red trumpet-like flowers followed in fall by ornamental, small, spherical-like orange-red fruits. Has dark green leaves with shades of bronze. Slow to moderate grower. Full sun. Semi deciduouProduct Info - 3...
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Flowering Chinese Myrtle Bonsai TreeCurved Trunk Style(myrtus communis
The Flowering Myrtle is a small evergreen tree native to southern Europe and North Africa. The myrtle likes warmer regions and works well in a drought resilient climate. The myrtle has white flowers with five petals resembling a star shape....
$275.00 $202.27
Flowering Lavender Star Flower Bonsai3 Tree Forest Group(Grewia
Evergreen tree native to Africa and Australia with 400 species worldwide. Awesome purple/mauve 1" wide flowers borne along the stem at the end of spring and then, occasionally, the rest of the year. Good indoor bonsai tree. Provide some sun...
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Flowering Mount Fuji Bonsai Tree Land/Water Pot- Small(serissa
Beautiful white, star-shaped, miniature flowers. This sub-tropical variegated evergreen, which is imported from Japan blooms profusely with delicate white miniature flowers. The water pot is divided into two sections. On one side we plant the flowering MoProduct Info - 6...
$150.00 $117.27
Monterey Juniper 8" Preserved Bonsai Tree (Preserved - Not a Living
Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.Neither plastic nor silk, this preserved bonsai tree has real foliage and a real wooden trunk that was carefully handcrafted and preserved to protect its natural fragrance, coloProduct Info - 10" preserved bonsai...
$300.00 $234.77
Willow Leaf Ficus Bonsai Tree-Medium (Ficus Nerifolia/Salisafolia)
Also known as the Mexicana Ficus. Elongated, light green leaves have a striking resemblance to the popular weeping willow tree. This tree does particularly well indoors in low, moderate or high lighting conditions.Product Info - 7 years old, 11" tall...
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